Art Pro Mpa Ii Mic Pre Preamplifier Tube 2 Channel Vgc Tested #1 $458 88

Don’t let the price fool you or make you feel like you need to shell out serious cash for the UA gear (not that I’m bashing them though, they make great stuff!) This compressor is flat out amazing for the price. We supply AV hire production companies, installer / integrators, retailers and resellers operating within the live entertainment, leisure, commercial, residential and retail markets throughout the UK. If you place your order and we’ve not got a product in stock, a member of the sales team will contact you with our supplier lead times or to find an alternative.

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  • Hmm, we don’t have any listings for this product right now.
  • Tubes are great, the build is sturdy, impedance/LCfilter is blowing my mind.
  • Nice piece of gear, and it’ll probably sound even nicer with new higher quality tubes.
  • With all of the available gain you can bring your ribbon microphone signals way up to reach their full sonic character.

I own a avalon U5 unit which is considered as a high-end model instrument DI-preamp. Bass sound obtained from the Art is in every aspect comparable with the sound of Avalon U5 unit except mentioned noise-signal ratio. The tone it imparts on a FULL MIX is better than digital, but didn’t blow me away. Once again, i believe that magic happens in the mix process more than what a piece of gear will impart. Also I seemed to have trouble getting a proper stereo image out of it for full mixes.

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As long as we don’t pretend it’s a Neve or and API it’s perfectly usable in a project/demo setting. Product Replacement – if your product cannot be fixed or costs too much to fix, we will replace it with the equivalent model for no additional charge. If this is not possible, a full refund will be provided. No Lemon Policy – your product will be replaced should the same problem occur multiple times. Convenient – easy drop off and pick up of the product at any Long & McQuade location.

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Sure, go ahead and buy that $ compressor; I have no doubts that it will perform exceptionally. But if you don’t have an endless supply of cash give this thing a shot. Other guys might bash you for it, but all that matters is how it performs; how it sounds…which is just as well as the big boy units. I think you are incorrect in assuming that t/y/u type tubes would have higher headroom than the x type.

Art Pro Mpa Ii one Channel Dead?

I have a few other compressors and the other one i have in the price range is the FMR RNC. The Pro VLA really changes the sound of w/e your putting into, and not really in a good way IMO. It seems like its cutting out frequencies and making it sound thin and tinny. Could possibly because I still have the cheap tubes in it? Either way i am going to sell it, i have no need for it in my studio. Not only did it TAME my unruly vocal dynamics…it was delivered around 4 pm and I used it in a recording session at 7 pm…now what does that tell you about ease of use?

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And recordings lack a lot of character, top end, presence. It didnt get me where I wanted and that was my own fault, my sound was actually a cranked up compressor sound I was seeking. But the next step up costs about $1K per compressor or preamp or EQ. Are all just below the level I would expect if renting studio time. Overall I found it to be a dull, low gain preamp with confusing metering. The LED metering is sort of wonky, not really representative of the dynamics .

Large back-lit analog VU output meters display output levels while multi-colored LED arrays show tube gain. For the price and amount of features this tube preamp offers you’ll be hard pressed to find something for the same price. I had always run my mics through the mic pres on my Behringer Xenyx mixers, but I wanted to step up to something a little more professional. The sound isn’t sterile and everything I threw at it sounded good.

However, this unit is very transparent and can definitely help out on bass tracks. I returned this unit because getting levels with this unit daisy chained to my mic pre was really frustrating. There is no input knob in this unit and that really stumped me. For the price, this is probably one of the better pieces on the market. After returning it, I decided to just upgrade my Wave Gold Native Bundle.

I run everything through it with no complaints. I experiment with tubes in my amps and I’m prolly going to do the same with this. Variable Input Impedance – an important feature that is very hard find in any price range, let alone at this pricepoint. A must for any recording studio without spending thousands per channel. Have not seen this on any other hardware under $650. Tubes are great, the build is sturdy, impedance/LCfilter is blowing my mind.