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This movement included musicians such as Valery Ponomarev and Bobby Watson, Dennis Irwin and James Williams. Miles Davis’ 1954 performance of “Walkin'” at the first Newport Jazz Festival introduced the style to the jazz world. Further leaders of hard bop’s development included the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet, Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, the Horace Silver Quintet, and trumpeters Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard. The late 1950s to early 1960s saw hard boppers form their own bands as a new generation of blues- and bebop-influenced musicians entered the jazz world, from pianists Wynton Kelly and Tommy Flanagan to saxophonists Joe Henderson and Hank Mobley.

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  • It’s not just that you can connect the dots by playing seven or 11 beats.
  • It is probable that many of the scriptures from Nalanda are preserved in Sri Lanka’s many monasteries and that the written form of the Tripiṭaka, including Sinhalese Buddhist literature, were part of the University of Nalanda.
  • Whatever you do, do not curl up with your textbook on a cozy couch next to a roaring fire.
  • About 84% of the world’s population is affiliated with Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or some form of folk religion.
  • To translate literally means to transmute the meaning from one language into another.
  • Southern African traditions include Akamba mythology, Masai mythology, Malagasy mythology, San religion, Lozi mythology, Tumbuka mythology, and Zulu mythology.
  • In Theravada, all phenomena are to be seen as impermanent, suffering, not-self and empty.

Research shows that information presented in color is more memorable than things written in plain type. You could use colored pens or go over your words with highlighters. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t include every bit of information in a summary.

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In addition, the quartet responded to the leader by playing with sarah smith elementary increasing freedom. The group’s evolution can be traced through the recordings The John Coltrane Quartet Plays, Living Space and Transition , New Thing at Newport , Sun Ship , and First Meditations . The following example shows the original ostinato “Afro Blue” bass line. The use of clave brought the African timeline, or key pattern, into jazz. Music organized around key patterns convey a two-celled structure, which is a complex level of African cross-rhythm.

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Hinduism is not a monolithic religion but a religious category containing dozens of separate philosophies amalgamated as Sanātana Dharma, which is the name by which Hinduism has been known throughout history by its followers. Islam is a monotheistic religion based on the Quran, one of the holy books considered by Muslims to be revealed by God, and on the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad-a major political and religious figure of the 7th century CE. Islam is based on the unity of all religious philosophies and accepts all of the Abrahamic prophets of Judaism, Christianity and other Abrahamic religions before Muhammad.

Whether you’re leading the meeting or finalizing assignments, this template can help you streamline your meaning and keep a running record of project progress. Especially if your project group contains a slacker or a freeloader, taking careful notes can help you protect your grade from any lackluster performance by your peers. Mapping is best used in content-rich college classes where the information is structured. However, it’s very rarely possible to take notes of a live class with this method due to its time-consuming nature. Outlined notes are some of the easiest to review, as it’s one of the few systems that allow you to clearly see space relationships between topics.

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You’re engaging your eyes as you read the words, your mouth as you say them, and your ears as you hear yourself. If it’s hard to remember the information at first, don’t worry; the struggle makes it more likely that you’ll remember it in the end. Encourage yourself to write out the definition or details of that term. Compare your written answer with what’s on the back of the card.

In terms of clinical features, over 90% of patients exhibited constant diarrhoea, ‘rectal bleeding, softer and mucus in the stool, tenesmus and abdomen pain’. At the same time, patient also reported to be having “arthralgia, episcleritis and erythema nodosum”. The symptoms can continue for around 6 weeks or even more than that.

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I sure wish I could have, because it took enormous amounts of time that would have been much more fun to spend doing other things. For me, writing and rewriting and thinking as I wrote was the only way to keep my brain focused on the material for long enough for it to sink in. In hindsight, it also may have been a particularly masochistic period in my life.