Touring Vs Sport Mode?

This happen to be the same week they released the new Generation 2 Ridgeline last year. Mazda’s application of this technology was already one of my favorites; it does a good job of distilling the information displayed to fit what the driver needs, including blind spot warnings. That’s very helpful, keeping the driver’s eyes up when thinking about lane changes. The CX-5 also includes an updated Active Driving Display, which is just a fancy name for a head-up display. Unlike some Mazdas, the CX-5’s ADD displays information on the windshield rather than a short supplemental pane of glass atop the dashboard. The position of the display is also tied to the seat’s memory system now, so there’s no need to adjust it when the seat gets moved around.

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  • The steering column is tilting and telescoping, making it easy to move the wheel in order to find a good driving position.
  • What I found was that the 1.5T was good enough for me, and the seats in the EX-L were much more comfortable.
  • Both vehicles are well stocked with infotainment features, but the Sport makes a few changes.
  • With six trim levels and two powertrain options to choose from, the selection might feel overwhelming.
  • The most premium choice for the Mazda CX-9 trim lineup is the Signature grade, which has a starting price of $45,365 MSRP .
  • I look at the Kia Stinger and think, they should have offered a 6MT or even a 7MT in that car.

In the v you can change everything for the most part. I got the Touring because of the rear vents for my son. Afterward, you’ll hopefully be able to decide which trim suits you best. I’ve had Bill Boat, Corsa touring, and currently Stainless works axlebacks on my 2009 sedan. The BB had a lot of drone and were loud, I didn’t like how corsa sounded and have 25,000 miles on the SW and love it.

Mazda Customer Service Is Lousey

Mines a base model but compared to the sport it was better to have AA, rear vents and the 6 speaker stereo. Only thing i’d suggest is getting AWD regardless of the climate you may live. And have been glad to have it in snow/rain conditions just in Ca. Frankly, it’s probably worth it to find a Touring with Preferred Package.

Backseat And Cargo

I drive to work in a suit every day, in the summer wearing a suit is very very hot, so having ventilated seats saves me from being all sweaty. In addition, full leather doesn’t let the particles and hair/fuzz remain on the seat and then on my suit. Another feature that no one talked about is the sensors, I think it’s great to know if you are able to get out from the parking spot without guessing if you are going to touch the car in front of you.

Honda Accord Touring

Speaking of driving, there is only one engine choice if you go with the Touring trim, and luckily, it’s the same turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that you can get on the Sport trim. The exterior features Smart with Walk Away Auto Lock, which will lock the vehicle as soon as the system senses you have left the vehicle. The gloss-black power side mirrors are heated, and there is an active shudder grille. Idle-stop and remote engine start round out the list of features found under the hood. Both vehicles are well stocked with infotainment features, but the Sport makes a few changes. The LX comes with a 4-speaker sound system, but the Sport has an 8-speaker system that pumps at 180 watts instead.

I didn’t feel the additional features in the Touring model added up to what would have been a $5,500 price difference between my 2.0T purchase price with tax, and that of a 2.0T Touring. I just don’t want ground clearance issues or a suspension setup that is so stiff it hurts my back after a long drive. I have no information to make this decision on. The sports setup looks way better and for that I want to do it…but if it’s too low (like I can’t access my driveway without scratching it it or go over speed bumps) and too stiff I’m going to have problems.

The GT on 2007 has wipers, lights and some little things, but the Touring and Sport differences? Help me out, I don’t want to pay more for nothing. Honda Ridgeline Owners Club, forum community to discuss reviews, accessories, performance, care, mods, and more.